VW LT28 Reimo – MOT – Passed

We took the van for it’s MOT yesterday. The MOT station is about 6 miles away from where the work has been done, we went the long way to get the brakes cleaned up and test a few things out along the way.

The van only just fitted on the ramp, each tyre was hanging over the side a little. Nothing much to report from the MOT, everything was fine, nothing to advise. So, from a very poor MOT failure to a clean sheet in 5 months. I arranged most of the parts for the job but my dad fitted all of them, it’s a perfect job, everything is done properly, just as it should be.

Today we spent some time making the sub frame for the fridge and fixing that in. We decided to try and use as much of the original timber as possible where it’s to be visible.

The shower tray is now gone, it was damp underneath, so best to remove it. New 3/4″ ply cut to size for the kitchen area, a new piece under the cooker unit, main floor and under the fridge. Original timber used to make the shelf for the sink above the fridge. Also in the picture is the spare wheel cover, in orange of course.

I have the vehicle import forms from the DVLA so now it’s time to fill them in and get the import complete. Insurance is now in place through Adrian Flux, this year it’s £302 for comprehensive cover including the very important a good value European Breakdown cover for £85. Considering we did 3,000kms in the Joker in France, Germany and Switzerland last year it’s piece of mind…