LT28 – Camping in Paris

Our second trip to France this year was great, such nice weather in Paris for our stay, a little rain now and then but nice and warm. We camped in the Bois de Boulogne camp site for four days, the van was great, plenty of room for the four of us. With a brief stop over in Amiens on the way down to Paris and a stop in Montruel sur Mer on the way back. A new carbon leisure battery an mains battery charger kept the fridge going all the time and looked after the food and beers.

Driving up the A16 there was a growing smell of diesel in the van, stopping to take a look I found that injector pipe no. 5 had developed a small hole and was leaking fuel. After a brief repair we carried on and eventually arrived in Dover. Time to call the AA for my first relay trip in over 20 years…. It all went very smoothly but lets hope it’s a while before we see the AA man again…

Westfalia Joker – Now Sold

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks… Our T25 Westfalia Joker is now sold. Sold to someone who is going to use it for what it is intended, lots of travelling and camping.

We are all sad to see it go, we had four great years use of it with may European trips, this picture from our trip to Germany last year.

I may post more pictures of it on it’s travels as I find them, such a great van.

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