Citroën AX – The ‘Turkey B’ Project Continues…

The Citroën AX project continues, this week has been all about cleaning and removing stuff from the car to ready it for the replacement parts. I have found out that there are only 11 AX 11 RE models on the road at the moment so I am still thinking this is worth saving.

Most of the dashboard has suffered from the UV degradation, to the point that when I got the car most of it was missing anyway, replaced with cardboard boxes. I have sourced a replacement dashboard, it has some UV degradation but not as much, I have managed to salvage it and with the help of some fibreglass and time I now have an almost complete dashboard that will fit in two parts, top horizontal section and then vertical facia, it’s a work in progress with no doubt many compromises and perhaps some wood sections to cover the cracks…

Citroen AX | Dashboard Removed for Refitting | Three Stud | Glenn Jobson | Cambridge

Outside, well, lots of cleaning, some dent removal and then more cleaning. The roof bars are off at the moment, then need some work to get them back to useful, that will be done but for now it’s all about cleaning. The bonnet has been mopped with some Farcela G3 compound and there is actually paint below the faded mist, will have to do the whole car but that is how it is, it will look fine with some polish.

Citroen AX | Bonnet Mopped with Farcela Compound | Three Stud | Glenn Jobson | Cambridge

The wheels, I have thrown out the two remaining broken wheel trims and have decided to refurbish each wheel with some thorough cleaning and then matte black paint, they may have trims on in the end but for now the wheels are starting to look good.

Citroen AX | Wheel Refurbished Matte Black Paint | Three Stud | Glenn Jobson | Cambridge

The current spend is around £250.00 for everything and some meticulous work, it’s coming along nicely believe it or not…

More soon..

Mercedes Benz 608D Camper – Summer Trip 2018

The summer trip is over, it was quite a trip taking in the Port Eliot festival in Cornwall, a ferry from Poole to Cherbourg and then a couple of weeks exploring the Carentan peninsular of Lower Normandy and a drive back across northern France and home from Dover.

Great weather, some good food, some not so good food and a camper that covered nearly 2000kms without a problem.

Enjoy the video.

Citroën AX – The ‘Turkey B’ Project

Time for something new.

It’s been 51 weeks since I set off for Kempen in Germany to collect the Mercedes Benz 608D Fire Engine, it’s been quite a year, over the autumn and winter I spent a lot of time converting it into a camper and spring and summer have been busy with 30+ night away in the UK and Europe. Turns out that the 608D was an excellent buy, the vehicle itself is in first class condition, a few front brake issues but they seem to be resolved now with some extra work to make sure the shoes move together. After 4000kms I have changed the oil for 5w30 synthetic and cleaned up the filters, should be good for another 800,000kms now.

I have know the Citroën AX for a number of years, driven by Steve and full of stories about faults and failures. He has decided to but another car so I gave him £100.00 for the AX, it’s know as the ‘Turkey B’, so that name will stick.

I am the 11th owner of the AX, it’s done about 65,000 miles and needs a lot of work, there are only 11 left though, it’s a rare car.

Look out for more posts about the Citroën AX and all of the other stuff that I am doing at the moment here, on Instagram and Twitter over the next few months.

Mercedes Benz 608D – Summer Update

Wow, it’s been a very busy four or five months. I have been away so much in the fire engine that I have had no spare time to update this stuff, so many conversations with so many people, emails to deal with an the odd show and meet too. I have posted quite a few bits on Twitter and some pics on Instagram too, some more things here, here is the run down….

MOT Test | Feuerwehr Camper | Fire Engine Camper | Mercedes Benz 608D

The registration documents came back before the end of March which meant that I was able to drive the fire engine on the road as a camper van before I had planned, basic idea was to get it road legal for Easter but it was all done early.

Dobbs Weir | Feuerwehr Camper | Fire Engine Camper | Mercedes Benz 608D

First trip was a few days a Dobbs Weir near London, all went well and we tested everything.

Next trip was a few days in Montreuil sur Mer in France in May, a round trip on the Eurostar for a few days, all good too, had to explain the whole idea in French a few times but it was all fine.

Ypres Camping | Feuerwehr Camper | Fire Engine Camper | Mercedes Benz 608D

Late May we went to Belgium by ferry and back through France, this trip was the first time we had rain, good news, no leaks or drips and there was no condensation problems either, the fire engine turned out to be a great place to be when it rains, the sound of the rain on the roof is great.

Vorne Putten | Feuerwehr Camper | Fire Engine Camper | Mercedes Benz 608D

In July I went on a road trip through France, Belgium and Holland via Dover and back from Hook van Holland to Harwich, took the bike and did some rides around Vorne and Putten. The trip was just sunshine and 35 degree temperatures, sleeping in the van was fine and with all that sun the blackout curtains really helped with the early morning sun.

Hook van Holland | Feuerwehr Camper | Fire Engine Camper | Mercedes Benz 608D

Later on in July we set of on our summer road trip, first to Cornwall then over to Lower Normandy via Poole, probably around 1800kms with no real problems, a few little bits to deal with, loose bumper, bent tow bar drop plate but nothing more serious, there is a video of the road trip coming up…

Now back in Cambridge I have Summer Update video…. enjoy.

Look out for more videos soon..