Mercedes Benz 608D Fire Engine Camper – MOT Things

Last couple of weeks has been spend finishing, well, almost finishing the kitchen, beds and as much of the interior as necessary to finally call the fire engine a ‘motor caravan’ in the eyes of the DVLA for import and registration purposes.

Now, a ‘motor caravan’ has a Class 4 MOT, so as the fire engine is 6500kg gross weight it is technically a HGV and would normally require a HGV MOT test. As a ‘motor caravan’ it will become a Private HGV and require only a Class 4 MOT and crucially £165.00 a year road tax, and of course the import fee this time too, £55.00.

The kitchen section is basically complete, just need a few finishing touches, the handles and catches on the doors, lighting and some switches to the pump and fridge would be good but basically that is done. The rear bed is done, mattress on and very comfortable too. Dining area with four seats is complete, I made a new table out of 12mm ply and a 1970s caravan table leg from eBay, that is ‘secured to the wall of the vehicle’ and can be removed if required.

You can watch the progress here, this is not a ‘how to use tools’ video, rather a ‘this is what happened after I used tools’ video.

28 February 2018

The big day. Snow, wind and ice happened this week and all of the advice was to not travel. Thinking about the fire engine, it would be the only chance I had to use the new winter snow tyres that are fitted to their full potential so I just had to go for the MOT.

Setting off it was apparent that the snow tyres did exactly what they suggested, it was if the snow wasn’t even there, up hill, down hill, breaking etc all done without any issues at all.

We arrived for the MOT in good time, in a bit of snow storm, heaters working very well and lovely and dry and warm inside. The fire engine got a lot of attention, lots of photos and the MOT chap even played with the flashing lights and sirens. Soon the test was over, passed of course, why take something that will fail to a MOT? We collected the paperwork and set off for home, another snow covered ride but good fun.

Paperwork has now been completed and send for registration. None of the German efficiency now, we are in the hands of the DVLA, took 5 minutes to register for export from Germany, probably 5 weeks to register for import in the UK, if I am lucky.

More soon….