Cycling To London via Rivers and Canals

Cycle To London via RIvers and Canals | Ride with GPS | Glenn Jobson | Cambridge

I took a mountain bike from Sawbridgeworth to Brick Lane almost entirely along the rivers and canals that lead from the countryside into the heart of the city. From rural Sawbridgeworth through Harlow along the River Stort to Dobbs Weir and the River Lea. Following the River Lea through Enfield and over Hackney Marshes to The Olympic Park, onwards on the Hertford Union Can to Victoria Park and weaving between the walkers and strollers on a bright winter morning. Joining the Regents Canal through Hackney to Dalston, up onto the roads and finally, via Columbia Road to Brick Lane.

Guided by RideWithGPS and a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt The GoPro kept going but the main camera battery ran out, so not much talking on this one.

29 December 2019

#bikeride #cycletour #riverlea

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Citröen AX – Update

Last year was about gathering all of the bits together to return the Citröen AX known as the ‘Turkey B’ into a working car. Most of the works are done, the car starts, runs, drives, stops and just about all of the electrical items within the car work too.

The AX had a pair of old but not original door speakers, missing the front grills. I have found a pair of replacement grills, speakers work perfectly well. I have fitted a Aigoss Car Stereo with Bluetooth, Car Radio with USB/SD/AUX Port from Amazon, works really quite well, including iPhone hands free.

In a nod to the special edition Citröen AX 11 K-Way I have found a 1980s K-Way sticker direct from France, placed on the boot lid and looking great, picture in the black and white section below…

There are a few more bits to sort out before the MOT, the clutch cable return spring and the windscreen washer switch need some attention, the interior needs a really good clean, I may remove the seats and carpet to see what is what there.

I have recently come across some original Citröen AX advertising material online, some at and some from general searching for information. The black and white publicity shot of the AX 11 shows the 5 door model at the time of launch. My black and white attempts show my AX exactly as it is now at it’s time of relaunch.

Here are a few pictures taken with a 1980s camera and some expired black and white film that I developed at home.

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Renault 4 Suffolk Lanes

A short Sunday morning video playing with a few cameras and the Renault 4 on a drive over to West Suffolk.

GoPro – Inside Windscreen

DJI Spark – Drone Overhead

iPhone 6s / Rode VideoMicro – Low Level


#Renault4 #VoitureFrancaise #RetroRide