Mercedes 608D Fire Engine Camper Conversion – Kitchen and Tow Bar

I am loosing count now, can’t keep up with the work that has been done, so much done and so much to do, this time another short video of the work I have done over the last few weeks.

You might think ‘another bloke droning on about his van’, you would be right, but it’s my van and it’s great.

All of the recent work has once again been quite small bits and pieces and largely invisible – except for the kitchen. The basis of the kitchen is complete, just another shelf, some doors and finishing to do.

The exiting tow hitch is off and a new tow bar extender, drop plate and new tow ball with step fitted. On the roof I have replaced the blue caps with new old stock orange caps, found the pair on eBay, could quite believe someone had two the same for my fire truck!

Coming close to the MOT time now…. Then I will be using it….