Amsterdam By Bike – October 2019

In October 2019 we set off for Amsterdam, choosing bicycles we made our way along the cycle routes of South Holland. Travelling slowly, cycling is meditation, a way of life and a way to reconnect.

From the early morning ride through the dunes towards Scheveningen with the lycra-clad speed freaks on carbon machines. Onwards to Den Haag and the cycle-shoppers with their baskets. Along the long straight roads that lead towards and past Schiphol airport and the deafening noise of planes from who knows where, into Amsterdam and Vondelpark and the chaos of cycling inner-city style.

A day to explore, the Jordaan of course, walking the streets and talking, making pictures and plans.

Leaving Amsterdam as the sun comes up, the wind is a mighty 45km/h full on headwind, 100km to go. Onwards towards Leiden, Den Haag and through the carefully constructed urban wilderness of the Haagsee Bos with commuters and prams. Approaching Hoek van Holland as the sun goes down, exhausted from the relentless wind. Satisfied.

This short film was made from the handlebars, conceived as a memory but so much more. Riding fills our heads with thought and mine with music, I remembered Seasons, this is Autumn but there are always thought of Spring and Summer. The serendipitous juxtaposition of the visuals with the early 70’s soundtrack is magical, at every musical juncture there is an extraordinary synchronicity with the hypnotic visuals, press stop at any point for a still, a silent moment in time on the journey.

Soundtrack – Seasons / Magna Carta

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Citröen AX 11 RE – The Work Continues

Citroen AX | Phase One | Citröen AX | AX11 RE | Cambridge | Suffolk

The ‘Turkey B’ project continues. Over the past few weeks I have managed to install the repaired Citröen AX GT dashboard in the AX 11, all cabling, switched and other associated plastics have been located, cleaned and installed. EVERYTHING works!

The dashboard speedo unit is now refitted complete with speedo cable and all electrics, all lights work as they should. There is a little more cleanup and tidying work to do but for now it is looking really good and great to have it all functional.

Citroen AX | Phase One | Citröen AX | AX11 RE | Cambridge | Suffolk

The outside is coming on too, the bumpers have been cleaned and treated to some boiled linseed oil to bring them back to the correct colour. I think that the front bumper is missing one of the hidden steel supports towards the right hand side of the car, will need to see if I can find any reference to one being there, if there is a reference then my one is missing.

All exterior lights now work, the front has later model indicators with orange bulbs. The two rear light clusters have been refitted with new bulbs and all work. The rear wiper even works.

Citroen AX | Phase One | Citröen AX | AX11 RE | Cambridge | Suffolk
Citroen AX | Phase One | Citröen AX | AX11 RE | Cambridge | Suffolk

I managed to find a set of four genuine Citröen ZX 13″ wheel trims that almost identical to the original AX trims. The wheels have been cleaned and painted inside and out.

The front right hand wing had to be wrapped as the damage was such that it would have been impossible to repair and not that easy to find, if one comes along it will be swapped out.

Next job is the interior, the seats need to come out, carpet up and a thorough clean. Next time I am in France I will pick up some seat covers from the supermarket, I am sure I can find something there that will be fine.

Citroen AX | Phase One | Citröen AX | AX11 RE | Cambridge | Suffolk

Look out, the ‘Turkey B’ is coming.

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