Here Comes….The Velosolex 2200

Spring is in the air, well at least it has been, perhaps it still is. Time for the Velosolex 2200 autocycle to get its registration plate and take a road trip.

Last weekend in the sunshine I spent a few hours fixing the small problems, it runs very nicely now and I can’t wait for the registration number to arrive.

In order to get the UK registration I need to have a dating certificate, thankfully the DVLA have an arrangement with a local owners club that can issue the certificate, thanks to my friend Alan Course I am now a member of the EACC ‘East Anglian Cyclemotor Club’. I have submitted all of the required information and paid the small fee, just waiting to see what happens next.

Insurance is already in place, Bikesure have insured the Velosolex on its frame number. They don’t have frame numbers but 5 minutes with a set of number metal punches and a hammer produced a reasonable frame number to be going on with.

This is not a restoration of a Velosolex 2200, it is simply a registration and repair process to get the bike fit for a few trips around wherever I might be, will look great on the back of the fire engine.

Of course there is a video of the thing that have been going on…

Enjoy, there is more to come….